Dialogue for Interaction. Advocacy and Networking Capacity Building in Southeast Europe
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Welcome to DIANET!
DIANET (Dialogue for Interaction, Advocacy and Networking Capacity Building) is the most recent project undertaken by the King Baudouin Foundation as part of its wider programme, the Minority Rights in Practice in Southeast Europe , which operates at national, regional and European levels with the aim of improving minority rights practice and participation across all countries of Southeast Europe.

The DIANET project was launched in January 2006, with the support of the European Commission’s CARDS Regional Programme. Its objectives are to improve advocacy skills at local, national and regional levels through an established network of civil society organisations in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia and Montenegro.

This web site represents the main hub of the DIANET network and will ensure a constant source of advice and information to all CSOs involved. As well as providing up-to-date information on minority rights (existing legal frameworks, reports on the situation of minorities and existing practices in the countries in the region), the website will also encourage the transfer of knowledge and know-how through training and capacity building tools and practical cases produced by the project partners as well as the latest news about their work.


Latest news from the partners Online Casinos
Macedonia: Regional Workshop 10-11 March, 2008
Four panel discussions and four workshops took place within the regional workshop.
Permanent open call
Within the framework of the Minority Rights in Practice programme, the King Baudouin Foundation accepts proposals for advocacy and policy initiatives at regional and European level dealing with the situation of ethnic minorities in Southeast Europe.
Montenegro: Round table on minority rights
On December13-14 2007, a coalition of 4 NGOs organized a round table on the theme of “Minority rights in the new legal environment” following the adoption of the new constitution.
Croatia: Regional training seminars for national minority council members
Following the June elections for National Minority Councils, the Coalition for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights organized 4 training seminars to help improve the effectiveness of these new institutions in promoting national minority participation in public life and the representation of minority interests, both locally and regionally.
Kosovo - Application of anti-discrimination and use of languages legislation
December 2007 saw the publication of the report on the application of the laws on Anti-discrimination and the Use of Languages in Kosovo Public Companies after a 3-month study by HLC across all 5 regions.
Minority Rights in Practice in South-East Europe: Training seminar in Macedonia
On 23-27 October 2007, The Minority Rights Group International held a regional seminar on the EU accession process in SEE and minority protection in Ohrid.
The first guidebook on minorities and education in Southeast Europe just released
This guide is a first port of call for NGOs and others working in the field of minority education in SEE. It contains an overview of existing international standards, regional experience in the field of education in legislative and practical terms.
Albania: Regional Workshop highlights need for government-CSO cooperation
A 2-day regional workshop in Durres, Albania (23-24 May) discussed the interaction between government institutions at all levels and CSOs on minority rights enforcement in South East Europe.
Bosnia & Herzegovina: Advocacy and local politics training course
Against a background of poor harmonisation and implementation of election legislation that foresees minority participation of national minorities at local level, the Center for Civic Initiatives (CCI) organised a course in June to provide advocacy training on this issue.
Croatia: Encouraging evidence of minority participation in local elections
Members of the Coalition for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (CPPHR) met with Council of Europe representatives in May to brief them on the 2006 report and latest policy paper on the rights and effective practice of minority languages in Croatia.
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An Initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation with the support of the European Commission - CARDS Regional Programme
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